Superheroes (4th & 5th Grade)

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This box contains all materials and instructions to complete 5 themed activities designed for your child to channel their inner hero.

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Put on your capes, it’s time to save the world! You’ll get five unique activities:

  • Activity 1: Concoct your own vat of Mad Scientist Goo!
  • Activity 2: Build your own superhero sidekick using various materials. Write a story about their powers!
  • Activity 3: Create your own comic book about your favorite superhero, or one that you made up!
  • Activity 4: Build a superhero catapult. Can you help take down the villain?
  • Activity 5: Create your own puzzle! We send a pre-cut puzzle and you can decorate it with your favorite superhero scene.

Estimated time to complete all activities in this box: 8-10 hours 

Estimated value of materials in box: $83

This box contains 5 themed activities designed for your child to channel their inner hero. All materials needed for these projects are included in the box, prepackaged, organized, and ready to be made! All instructions are included, along with educational extension activities. You will also have access to video tutorials, presented by an educator! After a great day of saving the world, your child can read about a superhero adventure with a book provided in the box!

This box is designed specifically for fourth and fifth graders. You can find similar boxes for other age groups in our store.

We have incorporated educational standards and skills into each activity to ensure your child learns while they’re having fun. This box covers:

  • Follow multi-step directions in sequence to complete a complicated task. 
  • Develop fine motor skills to accurately and precisely complete tasks. 
  • Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events and include details about what has happened. 
  • Measure and compare objects and materials based on their physical properties. 
  • Investigate and describe that the greater the force applied to it, the greater the change in motion of a given object is. 

We recommend that you have the following basics on-hand. They’re not included in this box, but you can click here to order our Basic Supplies Kit, which has all of these items and more:

  • Pencil
  • Crayons/markers

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