How it Works

Pick a Box

We offer EngageBoxes for three different age groups with a variety of themes. Pick one your kid will love!

Check Your Mail

We’ll ship everything your child needs for our activities plus some bonus materials. And yes, shipping is free.

Have Fun!

Each box includes clearly written instructions and video tutorials. Let us do the hard work, you just have fun!

What You Get

We want our boxes to make life easier for parents.

Each EngageBox contains everything you need to complete five included activities. We hope to solve two problems: 1) the difficulty of coming up with age-appropriate activities for your kids and 2) the expense of buying supplies that aren’t packaged for individual projects (bonus: avoiding craft stores during the pandemic).

Each EngageBox includes:

  • Five pre-packaged and organized craft kits
  • One grade-appropriate book relating to the theme of the box
  • Written instructions for completing each activity
  • Educational extension activities associated with the projects
  • Access to video tutorials, taught by an educator, for each project
  • Parent guides about items included in the box, the educational standards involved in the activities, and suggestions for how to best utilize everything in the box

There are some basic items we don’t include like markers, pencils, paper, and glue. If an activity needs other arts and crafts materials that are not included, we will let you know when you purchase the EngageBox. If you want to stock up on some of these items, we offer a Basic Supplies Kit.

Our Philosophy

We believe that education and fun are one and the same.

Kids are constantly learning from everything around them, often without even realizing it! We wanted to create themed activities for kids with lessons and subjects that children don’t often see at school. We use each of our themes as vehicles to teach children valuable lessons.

How We Design Each Box

We wanted to make our activities age-appropriate, which is why we offer three different boxes for each theme: Kindergarten-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade. Our teaching degrees and experiences in the classroom have helped us design fun activities for kids that are developmentally appropriate for each age group. 

Each box is designed in the same way we approach curriculum for our classrooms. We write lesson plans and determine how we will use activities to meet certain educational standards. We also prioritize learning for every style, which means we incorporate visual, auditory, tactile, verbal, and logical learning techniques.


As teachers, we know the struggle that comes along with not only finding an engaging craft to do, but also gathering and purchasing the materials for that activity. It can be expensive to buy supplies when you only need a few of an item. At EngageBox, we solve that problem for you by giving you only what you need at a much lower cost.

The real value is what your child will achieve by completing our activities. We want to help open their eyes to the world around them. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, kids need mental stimulation and entertainment.

Why EngageBox?

Simply put, kids learn best when they are engaged. Our activities for kids will let their minds explore the deep blue sea, imagine life as a superhero, and go on many other adventures. Each EngageBox incorporates educational standards as a creative outlet. As teachers, we know that your kids will have fun, stay engaged, and be excited about learning.